Recently Bosch have put their marketing efforts behind their 36V and 18V Lithium-Ion cordless SDS drills which means the 24V Bosch SDS has been out of the spotlight. The result is that you can pick up a bargain 24V cordless Bosch and get a very hard working drill with an excellent battery performance which recharges in 30 minutes – the quickest recharging time out of all the 24V SDS drills we’ve reviewed. (Review continues below…)

Essential specifications:

Power source:
Impact energy:
Drilling capacity:
Concrete - 20mm, Steel - 10mm, Soft Wood – 20mm
Drilling modes:
two – hammer drilling and rotary drilling

See our full review below.


The BOSCH GBH 24V cordless SDS drill in detail

Drilling power

The Bosch 24V cordless packs a punch but at 1.3 Joules of impact energy and 350W, it’s not as hard hitting as the DeWalt, Makita or Hitachi 24V cordless SDS drills. That said, it is still capable of drilling 120 holes in concrete (6x40mm) on one charge – so if that’s enough power for you, the low price tag may prove attractive.

  • 24V cordless
  • Max drilling capacity: (diameter) Concrete – 20mm, Steel – 10mm, Soft Wood – 20mm
  • No load speed 0 – 1.000 rpm
  • Full load impact rate 0 – 4,400 bpm


Bosch have developed anti-vibration technology to cut the user-fatigue and the stats are impressive (second only to the DeWalt 24V cordless SDS drill)

  • Vibration emission value ah 12,0 m/s²
  • Uncertainty K 1,5 m/s²
  • Weight and length.

Weighing 3.8kg and measuring 329 mm, the Bosch GBH 24V SDS Plus Drill is as neat and versatile as any in the 24V class.

Battery type

The biggest selling point of this Bosch cordless SDS is the quick recharging time. It uses 2 x 2.6 Ah NiMH batteries with just 30 minutes recharging. For even the heaviest users this should deliver sufficient turn-around between battery charges allowing you to work consistently. The battery is also compatible with other 24 volt cordless tools from Bosch – one reason to choose Bosch if you have other tools from this brand.

Safety clutch

The Bosch GBH 24V SDS Plus Drill has a safety clutch which is an essential feature for any 24V SDS drill. The clutch forces the chuck to slip if the torque goes beyond a designated level, causing the drill to stop rotating.

Chuck type

SDS Plus for speedy drill bit changes

Number of drilling modes

2 modes. Hammer drilling and drilling only. Note: this drill does not offer rotation stop for chiselling

Other features worth mentioning

  • Optimal hammer mechanism and patented Bosch high-performance motor for the hardest applications
  • Electric motor brake
  • Forward and reverse rotation with sliding switch and lock-off function
  • Battery-compatible with other 24 Volt cordless tools from Bosch.


  • Quick Charger
  • 2 x 2.6 Ah NiMH batteries
  • Auxiliary handle
  • Depth stop 210 mm
  • Carrying case
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